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15-year old boy fatally shot by cops in Dallas

When will it end?

Jordan Edwards was the kind of child every parent dreams of – good student, great athlete, loving son. He was at a party that was getting rowdy. He decided to leave with his friends before things got completely out of hand. It was the right thing to do. Yet, as the teens drove away, cops fired three bullets into the car. Jordan was shot in the head and died later at the hospital.

Another young life brutally ended. Another family left with holes in their hearts.

It’s hard to believe the cops felt threatened by a car with unarmed teens driving AWAY from them. So what went wrong exactly? Were the police inadequately trained to handle the situation? Or did they just see a black kid and assume the worst?

Either way, a teenager will never come home again. Rest in peace, Jordan. We’re sorry we couldn’t do better.

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