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For Yogi

We adopted Yogi from a shelter in Camden, New Jersey. I remember seeing him for the first time in a dark run that looked too small for even his 16-lb body. He was this mix of pug, beagle and chihuahua. He resembled Yoda except he was good-looking and not green. His nose was slightly upturned, his whiskers were curly. And, despite the discomfort of his surroundings, Yogi’s tail wagged non-stop as he peered out at us with his saucer-eyes.

I took him home, of course.

Over the next decade, Yogi converted my clueless-about-canines husband into a dog-liker, but remained predominantly mine. It was me Yogi waited for in the evenings; it was on my side of the bed he slept (though he could be bribed over to my husband’s side with apples; Yogi loved apples above all foods). When we moved to California, he took the 7-day road-trip with us. We stayed overnight at dog-friendly hotels (one wasn’t, but we snuck him in anyway).

By 2004, Yogi could no longer leap onto my bed on his own. His eyesight and hearing deteriorated. He became incontinent about the same time my son got potty-trained. Good thing I had left-over diapers.

In 2006, Yogi was diagnosed with lymphoma. We held on as long as we could. But when he stopped eating mashed-up apples, we knew it was time. I held Yogi in my lap as the vet inserted the needle. Yogi raised his head slightly, then rested it back on my arm. His labored breathing slowed…then stopped.

My Yogi was asleep.

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