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Bay Area | Geeta Menon

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Living in the Valley

I’ve been living in Silicon Valley for ten years now, for what they call the Lost Decade. I was here for the dotcom bubble of 2000, witnessed the crash of 2001. I saw the crazy real-estate spikes of 2007, the housing (and economic) ruin of 2008. I watched the Ex-Terminator run up our debt until it’s now riskier than Kazakhstan’s.

Through it all, I never wavered in my conviction that the Bay Area is the best place on earth.

I love Silicon Valley – let me count the ways. I love the gentle weather, the fabulous hiking trails. The bikers on the mountains in each clement season, the breathtaking ocean views, the ski slopes of Tahoe within driving distance. The ethnic diversity that makes me feel comfortable like I never did back East. The great eats, the crowds of Stanford students lining up outside the affordable sushi bars on University Ave in Palo Alto, the casual dress-code everywhere, the take-your-dog to work culture.

I’ve been around the world and I,I, I…consider Silicon Valley home.

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